Sept '20 tensorwerk Heartbeat

Hey folks! This month we are presenting a new blogpost with a beginners tutorial on Hangar Machine Learning data loaders and a recap of what happened during the Hangar Public Developers Meeting!

Every month we are sharing news on projects we are working on, conferences and events we attend, what are our plans for the future and everything that might be related to data.

Hangar data loaders tutorial

This month we are featuring a nice introductory blogpost from our community on Hangar data loaders for PyTorch!

Q: How easy is training a model with data saved in Hangar?

A: Super easy! Check out the tutorial from Jithin James on TowardsDataScience 😎

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Hangar open discussion calls recap

If you missed any of the Public Hangar Developers meetings, here is a recap for you! Remember that all the recordings are published on our YouTube channel.

Here is what happened:

September 02, 2020

🔗  Video Link

🗣️ Stockroom submission on the PyTorch Summer Hackathon 2020, Stockroom quick start tutorial

September 09, 2020

🔗  Video Link

🗣️ Hangar commit reference structure new design

September 16, 2020

🔗  Video Link

🗣️ Hangar documentation, Hangar next steps

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