Jun '20 tensorwerk Heartbeat

This is our sixth Heartbeat (wow, time flies) and here there are some news about what we did (RedisAI plugin for MLFlow), what we are doing now (RedisAI for training infrastructure), and what we will be doing in the next future (Hangar open discussion calls).

Every month we are sharing news on projects we are working on, conferences and events we attend, what are our plans for the future and everything that might be related to data.

RedisAI plugin for MLFlow

With the latest release of MLFlow (1.9) is now possible to use the new RedisAI plugin and deploy an MLFlow model directly on RedisAI without any extra effort from the user!

Installable with:

pip install mlflow-redisai

Check out the plugin and the documentation at https://github.com/RedisAI/mlflow-redisai. Kudos to Sherin for pulling this off 👏

RedisAI for training infrastructure 🔜

As the anticipation of what you will hear a few months from now, we are working as part of a larger team to provide infrastructure for an upcoming (very cool) technology in the deep learning space. This project takes RedisAI into a new territory, where its ability to efficiently serve tensors and computations mixed with Redis’ unique features make it a perfect tool for the job.

We cannot reveal all the details yet but fasten your seatbelts and be prepared to hear more 😉

Hangar open discussion calls

We want the Hangar community to be involved in the development. We want the Hangar community to be curious. We want the Hangar community to ask questions. We know that it will let us deliver a better product.

That’s why we are starting a series of discussion calls open to the community. We are sharing our technical conversations with you, in order to grow a more participative community. There will be calls where we discuss new features we want to integrate into Hangar; more “educational“ calls where we explain some internals to the curious; Q&A sessions dedicated to users; or maybe a combination of them 😉

It’s also a means to get to know you better, and hopefully also the other way around ❤️

Stay tuned on Twitter to know when we are starting, it will be very soon 📞

P.S.: We plan to record them and post them on YouTube, so don’t worry if you miss one.

Reach out

If you’d like to have a peek into our vision and our upcoming developments, please send us a note at info@tensorwerk.com. In any case, we will be posting our updates regularly here on Substack. Have fun and stay tuned.

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