May '20 tensorwerk Heartbeat

Hey there! This is our fifth heartbeat and … what a month! We published our brand new website, we were at RedisConf 2020 presenting RedisAI GA 1.0 and our Luca has been interviewed twice (for a podcast and during a meetup). Read below to see what happened!

Every month we are sharing news on projects we are working on, conferences and events we attend, what are our plans for the future and everything that might be related to data.


Now, with a fully-fledged professional website (many thanks to the Evoque team for the great work 👏), we can finally say to the world we are ready to be trusted as a solid company, able to compete for real-world challenges.

Now we have a wonderful contact form and we are ready to hear from you. Of course, we are keeping all of the other channels open, so feel free to get in touch also via email or Twitter.

Interview @ Chai Time Data Science

This month our Luca was invited for an interview on the Chai Time Data Science podcast, together with Eli Stevens and Thomas Viehmann. The topic of discussion was their new Manning book “Deep Learning with PyTorch“, expected to be published during August 2020. It has been recognized as the official PyTorch book and here you can read the Essential Excerpts from the book for free.

Talking about the idea and the proposal of writing a technical book on PyTorch, Luca said:

I really wanted to understand how things really work and it was a good chance to have to explain things to others. It’s a good opportunity to learn them yourself.

Here you can find the full interview (also available as only audio):

How OSS is changing the world? @ AWS User Group Pune

Our Luca has been interviewed also during a meetup of the AWS User Group Pune by Jayesh Ahire and the topic of conversation was Open Source Software.

Open-source software is a virtuous mechanism by which a piece of invention gets alive on its own, independently of the commercial exploitation. The viability and the guarantees you get around that software are prolonged over time because they’re not a result of the need of a company at a certain point in time (which can change anytime). And at the same time, it is an opportunity because it’s something that can be created unifying many minds, so it can attract minds from different backgrounds and something like this is impossible in a pure enterprise environment.

Watch the full interview:

Meet the people: Alessia Marcolini

Alessia (@viperale on Twitter) is a Computer Science undergraduate at UniTN and she is helping tensorwerk to grow the community behind the company and its products, writing tutorials, creating these heartbeats (hello 👋) and managing the social networks’ account.

Alessia is a Junior Research Assistant at MPBA lab @ Fondazione Bruno Kessler, working on machine learning / deep learning frameworks to integrate multiple medical imaging modalities and different clinical data to get more precise prognostic/diagnostic cancer biomarkers.

She is keen on contributing to the Python community: she is already a volunteer of the Italian Python Community since 2017, helping with the organisation of PyCon Italy (the national Python Conference, hosting each year 600+ international delegates). Since 2018, she also joined the organisation committee of EuroSciPy, the European Conference for Python in Science.

When not coding, she loves dancing (she has been studying hip hop for 15 years!) and drinking black tea and good gin.

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