Jul '20 tensorwerk Heartbeat

Hey folks! The heat of July didn’t stop us ☀️ We successfully started our Hangar open discussion call series, our Sherin published a nice blog post about deep learning models deployment and we released a new version of Stockroom 🚀

Every month we are sharing news on projects we are working on, conferences and events we attend, what are our plans for the future and everything that might be related to data.

All you need is PyTorch, MLflow, RedisAI and a cup of mocha latte

Deploying a Deep Learning model is still a nightmare to you? RedisAI and MLflow are here for you 🤓 Our Sherin Thomas (aka @hhsecond) in his new blog post explains how easy is becoming a MLOps engineer with the right toolbox!

Check it out 👉 https://bit.ly/mlflow-redisai-deployment

Hangar open discussion calls recap

As promised in the last heartbeat, we successfully started our Public Hangar Developers meeting series!

We published all the recordings on our YouTube channel.

Here is a little recap of what happened:

July 07, 2020

🔗 Video Link

🗣️ Team presentation, Hangar introduction, Stockroom introduction, discussion about Hangar Bulk Importer

July 14, 2020

🔗 Video Link

🗣️ Hangar remote system, Users Q&A

July 22, 2020

🔗 Video Link

🗣️ Machine Learning Data Loaders for Hangar

July 28, 2020

🔗 Video Link

🗣️ Hangar Documentation and tutorials

See you every Tuesday at 11AM EST / 5PM CEST! Please come with questions, we'd love to hear your thoughts and/or issues 🧡

Stockroom 0.2.2 release

We presented Stockroom in our very first heartbeat, when it was just at an early stage. With the latest releases, we introduced a lot of interesting features, such as the ability to import torchvision datasets directly into a Stockroom repository. Import CIFAR-10, MNIST and FashionMNIST (more to come!) simply by using this command:

$ stock import [dataset]

For example, to import CIFAR-10, use:

$ stock import torchvision.cifar10

Check out the new Quick Start tutorial and enjoy your new versioning ally 🙌

Reach out

If you’d like to have a peek into our vision and our upcoming developments, please send us a note at info@tensorwerk.com. In any case, we will be posting our updates regularly here on Substack. Have fun and stay tuned.

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